Neufutur Magazine Review

Have to say I've been quite busy here, working on new songs etc.  and had to share my appreciation and gratitude again to "Neufutur Magazine" for the lovely review they gave me and comparing my style to the fab "Kelly Clarkson" and the great "Sarah McLachlan" is really amazing !!  I'll be releasing my newest creation yet called "Last Kiss" to the general public shortly and I'm very excited about that.... In the meantime have let it out to a couple of DJ friends of mine Dave Baker and Adrian Nolan and their stations, BreezeAM and SpiritRadio who now have it on their playlists !! WOW Thank you guys for your amazing support - I really appreciate all the encouragement and help !

To infinity and beyond !! ;)

Cheers and I'll be back to blog soon !

CK :)

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