Haven't posted in a while - Sorry !! 

Hellooooo there again - sorry haven't been posting in a while.. but sure better late than never so they say !  So........ I've made a new video for my new song "Once in a Lifetime" and its going rather well in two weeks.  I've gained a lot of adds to programmes in the USA and video reels from Ikea to Macy's !!  Today I also go news of my interview that I had with VENTS Magazine, an online magazine that is very popular in promoting independent artists like myself and I'm attaching the link below.  Lots more promotion to come, so keep watching out on social media i.e my Facebook page and twitter and instagram (which I actually love now that I got used to posting pics LOL !)......

So I hope you can have a look at my new video which is posted on this site too and also subscribe to my Youtube Channel and of course write to me with your comments and thoughts ! I do love to hear them and try to reply to everyone !

All the very best, 

Hugs and Kisses



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